Rupununi Learners Foundation


Important Bird Areas

The Important Bird Areas (IBA) program was initiated in Guyana by the Guyana Amazon Tropical Bird Society (GATBS), which seeks to identify key bird habitats as a step toward their conservation. 

Partnering with GATBS, to date RLI has supported trips to Quatata Village; at the confluence of the Ireng and Takutu Rivers; and the villages of Moco Moco and Karasabai.

The trip report is still being completed by GATBS, but we can confidently state that an outcome is 3 new proposed Important Bird Areas for Region 9: 1) a Sun Conure site in Karasabai; 2) at the river confluence, the Rio Branco Antbird and the Hoary Throated Spinetail (with wild horses seen grazing at the same site); and 3) in Yupukari, where the Crested Doradito has been watched by a local bird guide for the last 2 years.